Business Partnership Proposal

Eurocollegia is looking to cooperate with consulting, law, accounting companies and agents as well. We propose all interested persons and entities to become our partner on mutually beneficial conditions.
Experience of Eurocollegia in tax and legal matters allows us to offer your clients the best options for business planning with the use of Latvian companies, and give you the opportunity to earn the partner’s fee without excessive effort, use of time and investments.

Lines of cooperation

For companies and agents dealing with clients in the CIS and EU we offer mutually advantageous cooperation that without additional costs for their customers will allow:

  • to expand the list of services
  • to offer new opportunities for tax planning and to secure assets
  • to earn decent referral fees (agent’s fee for registration of one company in Latvia is 1000 eur)

Eurocollegia undertakes all work and advisory services.

For clients who are still in the process of deciding or have already decided to register a company in Latvia and who need direct assistance in / support of a LLC registration porcess, – discounts are provided. Our laywers will register a company within 5 business days.


We invite you to become our partner and take part in collaborative projects on beneficial terms. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Development Department of Eurocollegia.

We are glad to be of service to you and your company!

Our advantages


We guarantee non-disclosure of information both during negotiations and while working with the obtained information


We will register a company, arrange a residence permit and visa, provide legal and accounting services for your business


Company employees are fluent in Russian and English, have a great experience in the fields of finance, business consulting and taxes


We will suggest the appropriate trading schemes, royalty structures and holding company regimes

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