We provide consultations:

  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law
  • Questions on taxes
  • Appeals on decisions of state institutions
  • Representation of client concerns in state and municipality institutions

Regardless of weather you are new entrepreneur with fresh idea or experienced entrepreneur, we provide consultations on questions of tax administration and recommend the best solutions for all situations. Together with client, taking into account his wishes, we develop action plan, take part in business negotiations, provide consultations and cooperate in decision making process and business activities.

Prepare legal documents:

  • applications,
  • application form,
  • applications for juridical review,
  • contracts,
  • permissions,
  • agreements
  • and other documents.

We check correspondence of documents, prepared by other institutions, to norms and legal requirements of the Republic of Latvia. Long and successful cooperation with institutions of the Republic of Latvia allows us to carry out legal activities in maximally short time and precise.

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