We provide all kinds of consultations and prepare all necessary documents to facilitate arrival in Latvia’s’ territory.

National visa of Latvia and Schengen visa

There are states, whose citizens may travel in Latvia without visa, and there exist states, whose citizens, in order to arrive or cross Latvia’s territory, have the necessity for specific document – visa, paste in determined travelling document.

Since December 21, 2007 Latvia joined Schengen agreement and became full-fledged Member state of the Schengen agreement, with Schengen visa, issued in Latvia, one has possibility to travel to other Member states of Schengen agreement.

Categories of visa:

  • A – airport transit visa (Schengen visa)
  • C – short term visa (Schengen visa)
  • D – long term visa (National visa of Latvia)

Taking into account our long experience, we will fast and professionally settle all necessary formalities for you to receive visa.

We pay individual attention to each client. You do not have to go into all procedures, we will do that. We will explain in simple and understandable manner, what type of visa is necessary for you, provide information on which documents are necessary for preparation of visa application, receipt of visa, and we will carry out all related actions – from filling of form till delivery of visa. Including necessary documents, fast and precisely, for receipt of visa for citizens of CIS states.

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